Parking Management System

Parking guidance system comes with amazing features like customizing space, allocating slots as per vehicle type, providing live reports (no more manual checking of empty space), QR code based passes (auto generated passes), on spot or monthly pay, access control system.

Fire Hydrant System
Fire Protection System

Boom Barrier

High-Grade Vehicle Barrier and Barrier Gates – Choose the Latest Models.

Vehicle barriers or barrier gates are called by different names like traffic barriers, drop arm barriers, and most commonly as boom barriers. They are required to allow or deny access to a facility. They are used for temporary traffic control and to keep vehicles and transport systems in a managed way.

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod turnstiles are the most commonly used options for ticket checking at different premises like sports stadiums, amusement parks, and university facilities and used to eliminate the need for attendants at entrances and to provide with the mode of counting number of pedestrians at entering facility of any premise.

Clean Agent System
Total Flooding System


Swing speedstiles and glass speedstiles are often installed at entry points of different buildings – mainly to enter the building. They are required for the increased authorized flow of pedestrians – mainly to allow the continuous passage of a good number of people per minute and to reduce the perceived risk through unique detection algorithm to prevent fraudulent entry with greater user safety.


P Gate models are designed for the people with special attention to entrance with luggage, trolleys and different types of items in convenient ways. They are designed to facilitate movement of wheelchairs and trolleys in convenient ways. They come with smooth and silent motorized drive mechanisms with amazing safety features to ensure high comfort to users. P gates are ideal to use for airports, corporate offices, amusement parks, R&D centres, factories, multiplexes, hotels, government facilities and other places.

Fire Hydrant System
Fire Hydrant System

Retractable Flap Gates

These gates are known for providing with an ideal contactless solution that controls the access of un-authorized entry. These devices are manufactured with high aesthetics and comfort requirements. We provide you with the right type of gates with easy integration with all access control systems and come with long life cycle and low operating cost. We have robust retractable flap gates suitable for Stadiums, Library and different other places for high pedestrian throughout in an elegant, sophisticated and discreet manner, essential for today’s corporate environment

Handheld Metal Detector

Hand held metal detectors work by using electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metallic objects. In simple words, they are used for metal detection through electromagnetic technology. A transmitter coil (to create electromagnetic field) and a receiver coil (to detect electro-magnetism), are the two parts of hand held metal detectors that make them ideal and keep in good working condition. Such metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient body search scanning for knives, weapons, concealed metal objects and different other things in the same domain. They are also used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors that enable operators to scan bodies to locate exactly where metal objects are concealed.

Fire Hydrant System
Fire Hydrant System

Door Frame Metal Detector

Door frame metal detector or DFMD is the vital metal detector – fitted at entrances to detect metal that may be hidden on the body of the person while passing through the door. It is also known as walk-through metal detector.

We also offer you temperature screening DFMD that can detect fever or body temperature of the person, while passes through it. Thermal temp DFMD has its importance – based on unique non-contact of body infrared temperature detection technology with high precision temperature sensors that are used to detect the human body temperature. Such DFMDs are widely integrate in common door, intelligent entrance guard system, temperature disinfection equipment and in other places.

Fire Hydrant System

Baggage Scanner

Baggage scanners are most commonly required at different places and areas – mainly at entry points to scan baggage before entering to detect different illegal things or items that are not allowed to carry.

Applications and Areas Where Baggage Scanners Are Required:

There are different areas and applications, for which the installation of Baggage Scanners is important. Some of the important applications and areas include:

  • check Government Offices, Défense Establishments and Airports
  • check Hotels, Resorts and Corporate Offices and ITES or at Entry Points of Embassies
  • check Metro / Railway Stations and Prisons or Courthouses
  • check Malls and Movie Theatres
  • check Temple, Churches and Different Places of Worship
  • check Critical Infrastructures and during Big Events

They come with superior detection capabilities, low cost of ownership, advanced x-ray technology and sophisticated image capture, display and archival. You will get clear and HD image quality with high resolution and deep penetration. Explosive and Narcotics detections, threat image projection are added advantages with these x-ray systems. Compliance with all safety and health standards and easy user interface design ensures the efficiency and professionalism of baggage screening.